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Act 126 - Mandated Reporter Online Training

School districts and employers of school-based employees in Pennsylvania need solutions to provide their staff with the required Mandated Reporter training called for in Act 126.

We are the only online self-paced provider of state approved training to cover this need. We can facilitate bulk purchase.

Contact our Program Director to inquire.

Click here for more information on the training itself.

What do we do for our Substitute Educators/Rolling Hires?

If you hire substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, or other employees on a rolling basis, It will cost precious staff time to deliver repetitive training. 

Instead you could require your employees to take our online training program. You can also require the learner to pay, incurring no cost for your organization. (Unless you wish to pay, contact us for bulk pricing.)

Our training costs just $25 and employees can take it from home on a flexible schedule. It's an excellent solution for many employees who cannot otherwise find approved training on their schedule.


Smart Administrators use EDTrainingCenter

Bundle and Save! - We're the premier provider of online training for substitutes. Require both and we'll give them discounts on both. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Department of Public Welfare?
Yes. Here, you can see that we appear on the state's approved provider list HERE.

Do learners have to take all 3 hours of training at once?
No. Learners can log in and out on a flexible schedule and the system will remember their progress.

When is this training available?
Because it is online and self-paced, it is availble 24/7, meaning it's always there when your learners need it. 

How does it work? How can I prove that I've completed it?
You complete an online course and subsequent exam. Once you've passed the exam you receive a PDF certificate that you may print or save to your computer or drive. This is yours to keep. You may always log back in to our site to collect your certificate as well.

Can we pay for trainings for our employees if we want to?
Yes, you may. We have several methods of payment and logistics as far as learner access goes. Contact us for details.

If we purchase it for our employees, do we have to have a contract with you?
No. Many districts/employers simply send their learners our way. If you want to use our administrative features to look up learner records or generate reports, just contact us and we'll set you up. 

Is there a cost to our organization to use administrative features or support?
No. There is never a cost to the employer (when utilizing the learner-pay option) to access our administrative features and learner records. In fact, there is never a cost to your district or agency. No set up fees, no termination fees. It's all very simple, just the way we like it.

Can we include district-specific information?
We have a free "policies directory" option that allows districts to include support documents or information that are specific to that district. Learners will not be tested on this information.

Who else is using this?
Districts and employers in PA that have thousands of employees to cover, or just one. We are a Software as a Service (SaaS), so we are a fit for any employer.

Do you have any other trainings?
Yes! We have trainings for other learner groups such as Substitute Teachers,  Paraprofessionals and Out-of-School-Time-Staff, and we have trainings in other topic areas such as safety, prevention, and compliance, educational technology, ESL/ESOL, etc. Click Browse Available Trainings above to begin searching other titles.